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Ⅰ.Complete the sentences with the best choice.Write your right letter on the answer sheet:(10%)

  1.Have you got used ( ) late again.

  A.to live B.to have lived C.to living D.to be living

  2.The electricity was cut off while the film ( ).

  A.was shown B.was to show C.was showing D.was being shown

  3.You ( ) live for ten days without food,without water you ( ) die in less than a week.

  A.may,might B.might,would C.would,should D.should,might

  4.My sister and I have seen the film,but ( ) of us remember what it's all about.

  A.neither B.either C.none D.both

  5.We tried to settle the problem with them as soon as possible but they seemed to ( ) sincerity.

  A.be lacking in B.lack of C.be lack for D.lack in

  6.I regret ( ) you that I can't go to Hangzhou for a visit next Sunday with you because I've caught a bad cold.

  A.telling B.to tell C.tell D.having told

  7.Of the three teachers who are teaching us this semester,Prof.Wang is ( ). A.more patient B.very patient

  C.extremely patient D.the most patient

  8.Weather ( ),we'll go for an outing.

  A.being permitted B.permitted

  C.permitting D.permits

  9.( ) dull Fred may be,he is certainly popular.

  A.However B.Although C.Whatever D.Even if

  10.( ) people are contemptuous of those who make obscene calls.

  A.Respectful B.Respected C.Respective D.Respectable

  Ⅱ.Complete the sentences with a word derived from the one in brackets.Write your answers on the answer sheet:(5%)

  1.Why don't you find a job and end your ________ on your parents?(depend)

  2.More and more people are refusing to eat ________ vegetables.(freeze)

  3.What do you think are the factors that have a ________ influence on the present economic policy?(decision)

  4.There are several ________ books on sale in the book-store.(expense)

  5.After the outbreak of a ________ illness,investigations revealed pollution of the town's water supply.(mystery)

  Ⅲ.Choose the correct paraphrasing of the underlined part of the following sentences,then write your right letter on the answer sheet:(10%)

  1.The children presented the guests with flowers.

  A.The children offered the guests with flowers.

  B.The children provided the guests with flowers.

  C.The children gave flowers to the guests.

  D.The children submitted flowers to the guests.

  2.His mind had already cracked with thirst.

  A.He had already died of thirst.

  B.He had already been out of senses because of thirst.

  C.He had already failed to consider thirst.

  D.He had lost the power of thinking.

  3.They all wondered at all that had happened when they were away.

  A.were eager to know B.expressed their wish to know

  C.travelled around to know D.felt surprised at

  4.When you have got ten thousand pounds of your own,and we will see about it.

  A.deal with it B.recognize and accept it

  C.stick to it D.take notice of it

  5.Romance is the privilege of the rich,not the profession of the unemployed.

  A.is the possession of the rich people,not the pursuit of the unemployed.

  B.is not only the right of the rich,but also the need of the poor people.

  C.only belongs to the wealthy people,but not to the people who are out of job.

  D.is the power of the comfortably-off people,not the career of the unemployed.

  Ⅳ.Put suitable prepositions or adverbs in the blanks on the answer sheet:(10%)

  1.The old man loves his grandson so much that he gives him everything demand.

  2.For further information,please reach us ________ the following number.

  3.If you don't believe me,you can go and ask him ________ person.

  4.They called the police immediately,but they didn't come on the scene ________ 40 minutes later.

  5.Her boss told her to take a week ________ before the big job.

  6.He turned the newspaper ________ and a strange personal ad caught his eye.

  7.He was leaning ________ the wall,turning the matter over in his mind.

  8.The more the mother expects ________ her good-for-nothing son,the more disappointed she is.

  9.Parent,almost ________ exception,hope that their children will grow up to make something of themselves.

  10.All your friends are concerned ________ your health and want you to recover soon.


  Complete the passage by putting in the blanks the corrtect choice.Write your right letter on the answer sheet:

  About 485 years ago,a man stood alone on the coast of Spain.He looked toward the west and said to himself.The earth cannot be flat.If I sail westward, 1 ,I shall hit land,India perhaps,and the queen will have a new and shorter 2 to the riches of that country.

  Christopher Columbus told his idea to Queen Isabella of Spain.She gave 3 men and three ships.And Columbus sailed westward for many weeks,through 4 seas.

  5 ,he saw land:a group of islands now called the West Indies.Columbus was sure it was India,and he called the natives “Indos".

  Stories of what Columbus found quickly 6 across Europe.His word “Indos" became “Indians" to the English. 7 all the natives of the West Indies and Central America became known as “Indians".

  Christopher Columbus 8 four trips to the New World.Yet,he died in Spain without knowing where he had been.He died 9 he had sailed to India.

  It was soon learned that Columbus had made a mistake. 10 the word “Indian" was well established in Europe.

  The first 11 who arrived in North Carolina and Virginia in the early 1600's called the natives Indians.This name spread north 12 the colonies of Maryland,New York,Pennsylvania and New England were settled.

  Today the word is used to 13 the descendants of the first peoples of North and South America.In the far north they are called Eskimos.And in the far south 14 are the Patagonians and the Fuegians.

  Students and scholars have long known 15 the American Indians were not really Indians 16 .And one scholar proposed a name that he believed would be better—Amerinds.He made up this name by 17 American and Indian.This word is often used today by other scholars,but the general 18 has heard little of it.

  Word experts say the name Indian may be wrong but we are stuck with it.It is too late to change it to Amerind.Most people would not 19 the change.Besides,how could a movie of the old west be exciting if it concerned cowboys and Amarinds, 20 cowboys and Indians?

  1. A.then B.sooner or later C.however D.for instance

  2. A.orbit B.range C.route D.friction

  3. A.him B.her C.them D.his

  4. A.high B.calm C.current D.rough

  5. A.In fact B.Yet C.Anyway D.At least

  6. A.set B.undertook C.spread D.passed

  7. A.Well B.But C.Luckily D.And

  8. A.made B.declared C.wished D.put

  9. A.laughing B.hoping C.believing D.suspecting

  10. A.Nowadays B.But C.Incidentally D.In short

  11. A.Indians B.explorers C.settlers D.Spanish

  12. A.as B.so that C.if D.even though

  13. A.harm B.describe C.influence D.serve

  14. A.just B.so C.they D.there

  15. A.as B.that C.in order that D.and

  16. A.though B.at all C.either D.now

  17. A.joining B.comparing C.respecting D.separating

  18. A.public B.idea C.objective D.inspector

  19. A.confirm B.receive C.accept D.permit

  20. A.instead of B.after C.without D.over

  Ⅵ.Read the following passages and complete the statements or answer the questions with the correct choice.Write your right letter on the answer sheet:(20%)

  Passage 1

  As more women in the United States move up the professional ladder,some are finding it necessary to make business trips alone.Since this is new for many,some trips are certainly in order.If you are married,it is a good idea to encourage your husband and children to learn to cook a few simple meals while you are away.They will be much happier and probably they will enjoy the experiences.If you will be eating alone a good deal,choose good restaurants.In the end,they will be much better for your digestion.You may also find it useful to call the restaurant in advance and state that you will be eating alone.You will probably get better service and almost certainly a better table.Finally,and most importantly,anticipate your travel needs as a businesswoman;this starts with lightweight luggage which you can easily manage even when fully packed.Take a folding case inside your suitcase,it will come in extremely handy for dirty clothes,as well as for business documents and papers you no longer need on the trip.And make sure you have a briefcase so that you can keep currently required papers separate.Obviously,experience helps,but you can make things easier on yourself from the first by careful planning,so that right from the start you really can have a good trip!

  1.Who is the author's intended audience?

  A.Working women who have no time for cooking.

  B.Working women who must travel on their own.

  C.Husbands and children of working women.

  D.Hotel personnel who must serve working women.

  2.Which of the following can be inferred form the passage?

  A.Businesswomen become successful by showing a willingness to travel alone.

  B.Professional men refuse to accompany their female colleagues on business trips.

  C.Each year there are more female tourists in the United States.

  D.A greater percentage of women are advancing professionally in the U.S. than previously.

  3.In this passage,what advice does the author have for married women?

  A.Stay home and take care of your family.

  B.Encourage your husband and kids to be happy and have fun while you are away.

  C.Have your whole family take gourmet cooking classes together.

  D.Help your family learn to prepare food for themselves.

  4.Why are better restaurants especially preferably for frequent travelers?

  A.The tables are better. B.The food is usually better for your health.

  C.You can call ahead for reservations. D.You will not have to eat alone. 5.Where would this passage most likely appear?

  A.In a magazine specifically for women.

  B.In a restaurant and hotel guide.

  C.In a news magazine.

  D.In a journal for top-ranking businessmen and women.

  Passage 2

  One of the greatest problems for those settlers in Nebraska in the last quarter of the previous century was fuel.Little of the state was forested when the first settlers arrived and it is probable that by 1880,only about one-third of the originally forested area remained,down to a mere 1 percent of the state's 77,000 square miles.With wood and coal out of the question,and with fuel needed year瞨ound for cooking,and during the harsh winter months for heating,some solution had to be found.

  Somewhat improbably,the buffalo provided the answer.Buffalo chips were found to burn evenly,hotly,and cleanly,with little smoke and,interestingly,no odor(气味).Soon,collecting them became a way of life for the settlers' children who would pick them up on their way to and from school,or take part in competitions designed to fight against their natural reluctance.Even a young man,trying to impress the girl he wanted to marry,would arrive with a large bag of chips rather than with a box of candy or a bunch of flowers.

  6.What is the main topic of this passage?

  A.The importance of the American buffalo.

  B.Life in Nebraska in the late nineteenth century.

  C.The solution to the Nebraskan settlers' fuel problem.

  D.The forestation in Nebraska in the late nineteenth century.

  7.Which of the following statements is NOT true according to the passage?

  A.Nebraska was not a densely-forested state even before the settlers arrived. B.Buffalo chips were satisfactory as a fuel.

  C.The children spent a lot of time collecting the buffalo chips.

  D.The children enjoyed collecting the buffalo chips.

  8.According to the passage,how much of the originally forested area remained in Nebraska by 1880?

  A.about 33% B.about 1% C.about 66% D.about 3%

  9.The passage implies that buffalo chips were needed ________.

  A.in greater amounts in winter B.in greater amounts in summer

  C.only in summer D.only in winter

  10.Which of the following does the author NOT express surprise at?

  A.The children needed competitions to stimulate them.

  B.The buffalo chips gave off no smell.

  C.Young men took bags of buffalo chips to their girlfriends.

  D.Buffalo chips were the answer to the settlers' fuel problem.

  Passage 3

  Born in 1830 in rural Amherst,Massachusetts,Emily Dickinson spent her entire life in the household of her parents.Between 1858 and 1862,it was later discovered that she wrote like a person possessed(着魔的),often producing a poem a day.It was also during this period that her life was transformed into the myth of Amherst.Withdrawing more and more,keeping to her room,sometimes even refusing to see visitors who called,she began to dress only in white—a habit that added to her reputation as an eccentric(古怪的人).

  In their determination to read Dickinson's life in terms of a traditional romance,biographers(传记作者)have missed the unique pattern of her life—her struggle to create a female life not yet imagined by the culture in which she lived.Dickinson was not the innocent,lovelorn,and emotionally weak girl sentimentalized by the Dickinson myth and popularized by William Luce's 1976 play,《The Belle of Amberst》.Her decision to shut the door on Amherst society in the 1850's transformed her house into a kind of magical realm in which she was free to engage her poetic genius.Her seclusion(隔离) was not the result of a failed love affair,but rather a part of a more general pattern of renunciation(脱离关系) through which she,in her quest for self瞫overeignty,carried on an argument with the Puritan fathers,attacking with wit and irony cheerless Calvinist doctrine,their patriarchal God and their rigid notions of true womanhood.

  11.According to the passage,the period from 1858 to 1862 was for Emily Dickinson a period of great ________.

  A.tragedy B.sociability C.productivity D.frivolity

  12.Which of the following is NOT mentioned as being one of Emily Dickinson's Eccentricities?

  A.Avoiding visitors. B.Wearing only white.

  C.Refusing to eat. D.Staying in her room.

  13.According to the passage,biographers of Emily Dickinson have traditionally ________.

  A.criticized most of her poems

  B.ignored her innocence and emotional fragility

  C.blamed her parents for restricting her activities

  D.see her life in romantic terms

  14.The author implies that many people attribute Emily Dickinson's seclusion to ________.

  A.physical illness B.her dislike of people

  C.religious fervor D.a failed love affair

  15.It can be inferred from the passage that Emily Dickinson lived in a society that was characterized by ________.

  A.strong Puritan beliefs B.equality of men and women

  C.the encouragement of nonconformity D.the appreciation of poetic creativity

  Passage 4

  “Time is a problem for kids,"states a news report for a new Swiss watch.Children in some countries “learn time slowly" because “they don't wear watches" and “parents don't really know how to teach them time."The kids grow up with this handicap and become adult—and then can't get to work on time.Is there an answer to this problem?Of course—it's the Flik Flak,made by a famous Swiss watch company.

  The Flik Flak is being marketed as something teaching watch for children aged 4 to 10,the watch itself dose not teach kids how to tell time,of course;it merely “captures their imagination" by presenting the “hour" hand as a beautiful red girl named Flak and the “minute" hand as tall blue boy named Flik.Flik points to corresponding(相应的) “blue" minutes on the dial,while Flak points to red hour numbers.The characters and the colors combined with parental help are supposed to teach young children how to tell time.

  The watch comes equipped with a standard battery and a nylon band.Peter Lipkin,the United States sales manager for the Flik Flak,calls it “kid-proof".“If it gets dirty,you can throw the whole watch in the washing machine."The product is being sold in select department stores in Europe,Asia and the United States for a suggested price of $25.Parents who buy the watch may discover that it is one thing to tell time;it's quite another for them to be on time.

  16.From the news report we know that ________.

  A.parents are patient when teaching children time

  B.children enjoy wearing the Flik Flak watch

  C.children tend to learn time quickly

  D.parents have little idea of how to teach children time

  17.The author doesn't seem to believe ________.

  A.children will be on time if they have learnt how to tell time

  B.a Flik Flak can help parents teach their children how to tell time

  C.the Filk Flak can capture children's imagination

  D.children usually have trouble telling time if they don't wear watches

  18.The word “handicap"(Para,1,Line 3) means “________".

  A.disadvantage B.discouragement

  C.disappointment D.displeasure

  19.Flik and Flak in the passage stand for ________.

  A.a tall boy and a beautiful girl B.the Swiss watch company

  C.the minute hand and the hour hand D.the designers of the watch

  20.The United States sales manager calls the new watch “kid-proof" because ________.

  A.it is designed to teach children to be on time

  B.it proves to be effective in teaching children time

  C.it is the children's favorite watch

  D.it is made so as not to be easily damaged by children

  Ⅶ.Translate the following into English with words or phrases given in brackets,and then write your sentences on the answer sheet:(25%)

  1.那件事情发生之后,他们当中没有人还想睡觉。(feel like)



  4.那时他年薪是5,000美元,按今天的标准,他是个穷人。(by the standards)

  5.这件事我们必须考虑双方的利益。(take into account)


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